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 Shlomit Fundaminsky


Dancer, independent choreographer and dance teacher.
Member of the Israeli Choreographers Association.

A resident artist of BAMAH organization 2022 at Sun Jose State University, USA.

Received the Israel Ministry of Culture performance award 2022 for the solo ‘Big Hand Little Hand’. Artistic Director of the 2015 and 2017 editions of the Shades in Dance Festival held at Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv. Dancer and member of the improvisation collective "Oktet".


Shlomit creates from the connection between physical and mental image and from continuous research in real-time composition. In her works, the physical body is activated by body images related to the movement of the skeleton, separating it into different organs and joints. These build situations, characters and emotional images, which reveal the various complexities in human conduct and behavior. Amongst her latest pieces are Territorial Opera, M.E.S.S and Big Hand Little Hand.

Shlomit has 25 years of performing and teaching experience: specializing in teaching improvisation, Release Technique, and composition; Teaching at the Fresco Dance Company. Lecturer at the faculty of dance and choreography at the Jerusalem Academy of Dance, Israel. She is a co-founder and creative director of SHLOMBAL- an annual training course for dance studies, improvisation, and performance at Suzanne Dellal Centre.

Awards and Festival:

Shlomit is recognized and supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture, and won the ministry’s awards  for the best solo performer 2022 and the ‘up-and-coming creator in the field of dance’.
She is the recipient of the Artistic Encouragement Award of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, and received grants from BAMAH organization; America-Israel Cultural Foundation, Mifal HaPais and more.

Her solo piece Inner Pocket won the second place of the Masdanza competition at the Canaries' Islands and opened the 25th anniversary celebrations for 'Maison De La Danse' in Lyon, France.


Performed at the '8 festival da Fabrica' in Porto, Portugal; Middle East Pictures Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark; Dublin Fringe Festival, San Francisco International Art Festival, International Pantomime Festival and Physical Theater in Skopje, Macedonia; Copenhagen International Choreographers Competition; AGITART Festival, Spain; UNDERCLOUD Festival, Romania; Island Friday, Luxembourg; Denza International Festival, Mexico.

Education and training

Graduate of M.Dance with specialization in Choreography, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and B.ed, Dance department, Kibbutzim College, Tel Aviv.
Studied multidisciplinary art at Tel Aviv University, and physical theater at the School of Body Theater, Tel Aviv.

Created choreography for the play “Hevron” (dir: Oded Kotler), a co-production of HaKAmeri and HaBima theaters, Tel Aviv

Danced for Noa Dar Dance Group and in works of choreographer Nimrod Fried.
Danced and performed at the Orna Porat Children's and Youth Theater.

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