Shlomit Fundaminsky
Performer | Choreographer | Teacher

 Shlomit Fundaminsky



Lives, works and creates in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

She is an independent performer and choreographer; a member at the ‘Israeli Choreographers Association’. Created pieces which were presented in dance festivals in Israel, Europe & USA.


She is creative director of 'Shadows in Dance' 2015-2017 festivals in Suzanne Dellal Center of dance in Tel Aviv. A creative director and co-founder at the “Shlombal Workshops” . Shlomit has 20 years of teaching experience. She is specializing in teaching improvisation, Release Technique and composition. Currently she teaches the 'Fresco dance company' and the 'Inbal dance company' and  in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


Prizes and Festival:

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Israel; received a scholarship from 'Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' for excellence in the field of performing art. Received the Israeli Minster of Culture Award for A promising young choreographer; a scholarships from AICF (America Israel Cultural Foundation) and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.


Shlomit Won the second prize at 'MASDANZA', the Canaries international solo contest, with the solo piece 'Inner Pocket'. Opened the 25Th anniversary celebrations of the 'Maison De La Danse' in Lyon, France, together with Ultima Ves Company. Performed at the '8festival da Fabrica' in Porto, Portugal; the 'Images of the Middle East Festival' in Copenhagen, Denmark; the' Dublin Fringe Festival, the San Francisco International Art Festival, the International festival of Mime and physical theater in Skopje, Macedonia; the Copenhagen International Choreographers Competition; AGITART festival, Spain; UNDERCLOUD festival, Romania; Friday Island, LuxembourgFestival Internacional de Danza, Mexico.


Education & dance working experience:

 Shlomit is currently studying for a master's degree in choreography. She holds BEd in Dance education from the Kibbutzim College of Education in Tel-Aviv;

Art studies at Tel- Aviv University; 'Lecoq' - physical theater studies in Tel-Aviv;

Performed with 'Noa Dar' Dance Company; 'Nimrod Freid' Dance Theater Company ; The Improvisation dance group 'Oktet' ; The Orna Porat theater in Israel.


Shlomit teaches choreography and Release technique in the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; and in schools across Israel and around the world.