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Choreography: Shlomit Fundaminsky

Dancers: Inbal Ben Zaken, Noa Rosenthal, Ella Rothschild

Music: Based on the album ‘The Secret Message’ by ‘Folo’; Spiritualized - “Take Good Care Of It”

Soundtrack Design: Noam Helfer (Noamiko) and Ori Alboher

Song and text:  The Boys Next Door - ‘Shivers’ (‘Door, Door’, 1979)

Costumes: Inbal Ben Zaken

Lighting design: Dani Fishof

"Fly, Fly, Lie", for three dancers - Inbal Ben-Zaken, Noa Rosenthal and Ella Rothschild. They seem bewitched. Dressed in black, their bodies are holding an internal tension, insatiable hunger, which breaks out of small fragmented movements of the head and shoulders. Their fingers are touching the space and because of the power that is stored in them they look like they are ready to explode. Sometimes their mouths are open as if to throw fire like dragon women. At the end of the dance the dancer begins to sing with a sunny feeling of freedom.
Here is a dance professionally built and excellently performed”             
Ruth Eshel -

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