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Material Girls

Trio by Shlomit Fundaminsky


Inbal Aloni, Einat Ganz, Shlomit Fundaminsky

Costumes: Inbal Ben Zaken

Second eye: Atalya Zehavi

Artistic advisers: Erez Maayan Shalev and Anat Katz

Lighting: Amir Castro

Thanks: Nitzan Bardichev, Maayan Gur, Oranit Mark, Hilly Perlman

Premiered at the Intimate Dance Festival at the Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv

The body is empty of previous decisions, the space is empty and the expectation is empty.                               

It is a dangerous game in exposure and within the limits expected and allowed us as performers and women.

A dialogue between the artists, who shape their identity and the identity of the show from the very momentary encounter between them and the audience. They embody emotion, imagination and story from finding simplicity and placing the physical and feminine essence as creative material.


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