The content and style of the workshop can be customized, and different variations are available.

The duration of each workshop varies from a two-hour class to a full annual course. 

Release Technique

This class invites us first to watch and feel the physical body, its weight, the breathing, the base of the body that comes into contact with the floor. The floor work is significant and wide. The direction of the organs, the connection between them as motivation for movement, the clearing of space, the use of momentum and what exists for movement. From there, the class gradually evolves into physical standing and movement in space. The method relies on the internalization of the skeletal structure and the concepts: directionality, leaning, pushing and collapse. The class is built around two main phrases that last for several lessons.

Improvisation into Performance

Exploring the body through physical instructions and by different movement languages. Focusing on the anatomy of the body, as well as a deep look at cognitive processes, from the body's perception of movement to the conscious choices that performers must take in the immediacy of the present moment. How abstract movement enables emotional work and produces concrete - stories, figures, situations, associations. We will improve, clarify our bodywork, intuition, and choices in the present tense. We will work around subjects that we will explore in solo, pairs, group. Improvised within defined and restricted moves. We will experience watching and talking about improvisation.

Composition Workshop

Laboratory for research of a personal creation. The physical body is an essential part of the process. How to define an idea, a desire to create? What is the process and how to bring it  to the stage? The focus is on creating solo, as a possible basis for duet and group work.

Repertory Workshop

Workshop based on study of movement material from the works of Shlomit Fundminsky.

Highlights and games composition from the material being studied.

New work 

Shlomit Fundminsky can be invited to create a new work for a group of students and dancers.

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