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An outdoor, site-specific performance inspired by the opera singer Maria Callas. 

Four ghostly figures represent different sides of Maria Callas’ character.


Tracing the personality and life of the great “La Divina” - between extremes of glamor, fame and adoration, and the loneliness and heartbreak; Telling the story of Callas, who spent the last two years of her life in isolation in her Paris apartment, after being abandoned by her lover, shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis.


For one night, the show turns an urban area into an operatic monument, surrounded by Maria callas singing.

Choreography: Shlomit Fundaminsky

Rehearsal manager and positioning: Inbal Aloni

Dancers: Andreas Merk, Igal Furman, Mor Nardimon, Carmi Zisapel

Music: Excerpts from the operas “Carmen”, “Rigoletto” and “Andrea Cheiner”, performed by Maria Callas.

Soundtrack design: Eyal Weintraub

Lights: Omer Sheizaf

Production: Eliana Ben David

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