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סימני החלקה

The Piece is moving through two main layers - A story about a couple, a man and a woman, and the way they choose to live their life inside their home.


They live so close to each other; they easily unite into one person, but almost without looking. They are not able to communicate; their world is full of visions, desires, strength, fears and innocence as their only way of existence.  They are occupied by building their borders, their private closed worlds, boxes, squares. The door and the window are available for them to go out, to change, but they are just crashing into them. Despite all their desires to leave, they box themselves and escape into their imagination. They are moving in their circle of escaping from the reality of living together.

כוריאוגרפיה: שלומית פונדמינסקי

דרמטורגית ושותפה ליצירה: שירה מינצר

רקדנים יוצרים: דיולה צ'קברי ושלומית פונדמינסקי

מוסיקה מקורית ועריכת פסקול: אייל וינטראוב

            M83 -Before the Dawn Heals Us

תלבושות: שירה וייז

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