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The year 2022-23 will take place on Sundays at Suzanne Delall center in Tel Aviv.  

An annual workshop for movers, dancers, and performers
   By Shlomit Fundaminsky and Inbal Aloni

Semester 1 with Inbal Aloni

October 2022 - 5 March 

Semester 2 with Shlomit Fundaminsky

12 March - 9 July

Release technique 10:00-12:30

The workshop is held in  studio at  Suzanne Dellal Center for Dance 

Yehieli St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Release Technique

This class invites us first to watch and feel the physical body, its weight, the rhythm of breath, the base of the body which touches the floor and the body’s parts. The class then evolves into physical movement in space. This technique relies, among other methods, on our understanding of the skeletal structure and empowering the awareness of correct posture.  A connection between the head’s crown and the tailbone creates a clear axis, a connection from the body center to the extremities, a limb clearly leads – “making room” for the motion to ripple through the entire body. These are some examples of the principles that guide the Release Technique. This language of movement is realized via constructed exercises and guidelines for improvisation. A good way of thinking about this method is as a release from harmful patterns and a return to a simple, grounded and soft movement that leave plenty of space for personal expression, external and internal imagery and simple enjoyment.  



Study the body using physical guidelines and by learning various motion languages. How does abstract movement enables emotional labor and produces concrete elements – stories, figures, situations, associations? In this course, we will enhance body work and real-time decision-making; and learn to enjoy the lack of knowledge and the mistakes with their own wealth. Alone, in pairs and as a group, we will study various subjects, improvising in a defined and limited environment. We will experience performance, short exhibitions and improvisation-building. Practice and improve the improvisational skills to create dances on stage

We believe in the strong connection between the Release Technique and Improvisation, and recommend taking both consecutive classes.



New Course. Laboratory and investigation of improvisation, as a performing art. The goals of the course are to practice and improve the improvisational skills to create dances on stage. This course is a direct continuation of the improvisation lesson. It appeals to people who are performing, improvising and taking part in the improvisation course of Shlombal for several years. The course is a practice of in-depth improvisation and poses the question: How to build an improvised work? We will experience a number of performances during this period. Built in improvised solos, duets and group work. We will specialize in building moves. We'll talk an improvisation.
An advanced group for improvisation, which deals with confronting and practicing improvisational questions in front of an audience. Those interested in this course will undergo a personal interview.
Duration of the course: 35 meetings, of which 3 will be studio performances for the audience.

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