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Mental Examination Status Scan

Choreography: Shlomit Fundaminsky

Performer: Yoram Karmi

Stage designer: Noa Biran
Lighting: Rotem Alroy
Performance Manager: Michal Ben Bassat

M.E.S.S  is a dance theater solo piece choreographed by Shlomit Fundaminsky and  performed by Yoram Karmi.

M.E.S.S  is a personal solo,  a mental and physical exposure of a creator, a dancer who returns to perform on stage after years and adapts to the new, mature, aging body experience.

M.E.S.S is a diagnosis of way of thinking, an observation of a leader with authority, achievements, power and control. His loneliness in his moments of decision-making.

The piece is accompanied by spoken texts which will be in English.

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