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GOLDILOCKS (is 100 years old)

A piece for three dancers and a musician.
A self-portrait in a perspective of past, present and future. 

What happened to Goldilocks from the children story? Is she doomed to search forever herself within the family unit? After all these years she is still searching for her identity from childhood to adulthood to old age.

Goldilocks is a piece about meeting between women, stories about their past, present and expectations of growing up. The stories are told in a physical, theatrical, live electronic music, poetry and text. Slowly complex puzzle of a female figure constructed from a number of women and stories.

Noam Helfer plays on the stage live electronic music, singing, playing the guitar and different musical instruments. His role is to be a viewer, promoting the plot

and giving the time scale of the show.


Choreography: Shlomit Fundaminsky

Live Music:  Noam Helfer

Dancers: Anat Grigorio, Einat Ganz, Shlomit Fundaminsky

Stage manager: Amit Hadari / Inbal Aloni

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