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A workshop for movers, dancers, and performers
By Shlomit Fundaminsky

A workshop where I share my research and practice regarding the idea of ​​empty spaces. The workshop is based on exercises of Release technique, Improvisation, Somatic work, Real-time Composition, and my solo piece called ‘Big Hand Little Hand’.

What is emptiness? What is zero point? What is the connection between emptiness and movement and creation? We will look at what is not, as a world full of possibilities. Raising questions about whether there is such a thing as emptiness and how much empty space is a potential for life, movement, imagination, memories, and passions.

The physical work will relate to the movement image of the skeleton, and the isolation of its parts and joints. We will start the day practicing this idea and the physical definitions of the Release technique: melting into the floor, leaning, pushing, supporting, falling, transfer of body weight, transitions between softness and sharpness.

The main image we will use and move through the workshop is Containers. The body as a big Container made up of a collection of many other containers. Through somatic and improvisational practice, we will isolate each of the containers and move by filling, emptying, and placing them in space. Also, we will observe the space, in which we move, as a large container that is constantly changing due to the movement that takes place inside it. And likewise, the spaces that change between the different bodies, which move together, we will refer to them as Negative spaces.

The idea of ​​empty spaces is significant in my works. My master's thesis in choreography was about empty spaces and Samuel Beckett. I will share from the work I wrote and the solo I created - Big Hand Little Hand - which is built from the possibility of emptying time, space, body, and words. we will understand how these concepts can be emptied and how this action expands them, giving them many definition possibilities, life, and diverse human forms.


Throughout the workshop we will work solo, duet and groups. Using observations and conversation. Dealing with the question of how presence and real-time composition meet with emptying. To this end, we will practice the connection between the physical body image and mental image, the transitions between them, the evidence regarding what is happening in real time - the sensations, emotions, images, and the ability to preserve them to the point of building a physical language.

- During the workshop it will be possible to add a performance of the solo ‘Big Hand Little Hand’ (30 min), performed by Shlomit.

- The number of participants depends on the space where the workshop takes place. It is recommended that there be room for everyone to lie down comfortably on the floor.

- A sound system where music can be played from a cell phone/computer.

- The workshop can be adapted to different ages and levels of knowledge in movement and dance. It is recommended to have a homogeneous group.

-The workshop can last from two to five hours;

One day or an intensive workshop lasting several days.

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